Infrared Coagulation of Internal Hemorrhoids

Statistically, one of the most common cause of rectal bleeding is hemorrhoids. Topical therapies and control of constipation/straining are often effective in reducing the discomfort and frequency of rectal bleeding. For those who have persistent bleeding, there are other therapeutic interventions that are quite effective, including an office technique that is offered at CTGI called Infrared Coagulation. After a mild laxative prep, one of our physicians inspects the rectum and applies an infrared probe to the internal hemorrhoid, inducing a local reaction that ultimately eradicates the hemorrhoid. As few as one to two treatments are needed. The discomfort is significantly less than the traditional rubber band ligation or hemorrhoid surgical methods, and it is just as effective for certain types of hemorrhoids. There is no need for anesthesia, and many patients return to work immediately after the procedure without difficulty.

Please understand that although hemorrhoids may be present, they may not be the only source of rectal bleeding. Before proceeding with infrared coagulation, evaluation by one our gastroenterologists can rule out other, more significant sources of rectal bleeding. Call us today if you or your physician feel that you would benefit from hemorrhoidal eradication therapy.