Connecticut GI has a very active infusion program offering patients both convenience and cost savings as compared to in-hospital medication administration. We have 8 infusion centers for intravenous administration of Remicade, Inflectra, Injectafer, Stelara and Entyvio. These centers are located in Torrington, Greenwich, Wallingford, Bridgeport, Farmington, Glastonbury, Norwich and New London.

We conduct over 3,000 infusions annually. Important information for those interested in receiving treatments at one of our centers follows:

  1. Remicade (2 hr infusion)- allow 3 -3.5 hours; Entyvio and Iron (30-45 min infusion) allow 1.5 hours; Stelara (1 hr infusion) –allow 1hr 45 minutes. We recommend taking off a half day from work or school for these treatments.  Infusion center hours are Monday to Friday 8:30- 5pm
  2. Patients coming to our centers receive specialized GI care with knowledgeable, IV skilled GI nurses. Our patients are provided appropriate educational materials. In contrast to a stand-alone infusion center or an outpatient hospital infusion center, where patients with many different diagnoses are infused in the same center, a Gastroenterologist is present in our offices whenever an infusion is running both for patient safety and for answering questions should they arise.
  3. We help our patients initiate and maintain the reimbursement programs sponsored by the biologic companies providing a significant cost savings for CTGI infusion patients.