The pancreas and bile duct are areas of the body in which diseases can be severe, diagnoses difficult to make, and for which treatment may require invasive surgery. Yet Connecticut’s population need not travel to Boston, New York, or other centers for such specialized care. Connecticut GI’s Pancreatobiliary Team routinely provides relatively non-invasive endoscopic procedures (EUS and ERCP) that allow us to diagnose and manage many of these conditions. In fact, many of our patients are referred from gastroenterologists and surgeons outside our center because of the complex and advanced level of care CTGI is able to provide.

We have been providing tertiary care expertise to patients from CT, RI, MA, and NY for many years, performing over 600 EUS and 750 ERCP procedures annually. We work closely with a skilled and experienced group of surgeons and interventional radiologists, allowing for a skilled, multi-disciplinary approach. Our team of specialized gastroenterologists and technicians are on call 24/7 for emergencies and are actively involved in clinical research. Examples of diseases that we routinely care for include:

Pancreas Biliary
Acute and chronic pancreatitis Difficult to remove bile duct stones
Congenital pancreatic duct abnormalities Cholangitis (infection of bile duct)
Pancreatic cysts and tumors Previously unsuccessful ERCP
Pancreatic duct strictures Bile duct strictures and tumors
Traumatic injuries of the pancreas Traumatic bile duct injury, including bile leaks
Evaluation of unexplained epigastric pain Evaluation of right upper quadrant pain

When calling to schedule a consultation for the Pancreatobiliary Center, please indicate so to the assistant scheduling the appointment.